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Abstract #0083

Microscopic 3D-DTI of Tumor Cell Migration, Numerical Modeling and Two- Photon Microscopic Imaging

Ulysse Gimenez1, Florence Appaix1, Teodora-Adriana Perles-Barbacaru1, Franck Mauconduit1, Marie-France Nissou1, Emilie Langard1, Laurent Pelletier1, Francois Berger1, Didier Wion1, Boudewijn van der Sanden1, Hana Lahrech1

1Grenoble Institute of Neurosciences, La Tronche, France

A microscopic 3D-DTI is applied on a mouse glioma model using GFP transfected Glio6 cells to detect tumor cell migration. Two-photon microscopy is used for validation. Monte-Carlo simulations of water diffusion in numerical models of cerebral tissue geometry with micro-architecture changes are developed. FA decrease is observed in the corpus callosum where tumor cell invasion is particularly detected by microscopy. Typical elongated tumor cells indicate migration along the fibers. FA changes simulations versus extra / intracellular and white-matter / grey-matter show similar tendency as detected experimentally. The Glio6 model and 3D-DTI constitute a powerful tool to study tumor cell migration.