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Abstract #0121

Slab Profile Encoding for Minimizing Venetian Blind Artifact in 3D Diffusion-Weighted Multislab Acquisition

Anh Tu Van1, Murat Aksoy1, Samantha J. Holdsworth1, Daniel Kopeinigg1, Sjoerd B. Vos2, Roland Bammer1

1Radiology, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, United States; 2Image Sciences Institute, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Three-dimensional high-resolution diffusion imaging is feasible in terms of scan time when multislab acquisition is used. However, the main challenge of multislab acquisitions is the slab boundary artifacts caused by an imperfect slab-selective profile along the slice dimension. By reconstructing all the slab collectively using a SENSE-like method with the slab excitation profiles as the sensitivity maps, the slab boundary artifacts can be mitigated.