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Abstract #0153

A Novel MR-Visible Persistent Apoptosis Marker Validated with Immunohistochemistry

Firas Moosvi1, Jennifer H.E. Baker, 12, Andrew Yung1, Kenneth Curry3, Stefan A. Reinsberg1

1Physics and Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2Radiation Biology, BC Cancer Research Institute, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 3RF Therapeutics, Vancouver, BC, Canada

We validate an MR-visible, necrosis-avid contrast agent(RF1101) using TUNEL staining and DCEMRI. The agent is injected and binds to areas of apoptosis/necrosis and unbound agent is excreted from the systemic circulation. T1-weighted imaging is performed after approximately 24h to identify areas of contrast agent uptake. Data from a preclinical cancer model is shown with spectacular agreement between histologically identified areas of necrosis and RF1106 uptake.