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Abstract #0155

Chemical Doping of Iron Oxide Inside Apoferritin to Form an MRI Contrast Agent with High R1 and Low R2

Maria Veronica Clavijo Jordan1, Kevin M. Bennett1

1School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, United States

Chemical doping is implemented in order to disrupt magnetic moment coupling within a crystal and render a paramagnetic nanoparticle. Tunstate is introduced inside the apoferritin cavity as a dopant of the iron oxide core. The crystal surface un-coupled moments are in close contact with the surrounding water protons to reduce overall longitudinal relaxation. The paramagnetic apoferritin composite resulted in a particle r1 of 4870mM-1s-1 and r2/r1 of 1.86 making them a sensitive nanoparticle agent for in vivo molecular MRI.