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Abstract #0162

Ultra-High-Field 7T in Vivo Normative Atlas of the Hippocampal Subfields Using Susceptibility Weighted Imaging

Maged Goubran1, Brendan Santyr1, Dave A. Rudko1, Joseph S. Gati1, Trevor Szekeres1, Terry M. Peters1, Ali R. Khan1

1Robarts Research Institute, London, Ontario, Canada

The hippocampus and its substructures are of great importance in the pre-operative evaluation of intractable epilepsy. Quantitative MRI sequences have the added benefit of providing additional information, such as T2* relaxation time and quantitative volume magnetic susceptibility of hippocampal substructures. This work focuses on the construction of a normative atlas of the hippocampal subfields from in vivo susceptibility weighted images of eighteen healthy volunteers on 7T MRI. Using a reliable manual delineation protocol of the subfields, we demonstrated the feasibility of using our atlas in voxel based and morphometry analysis of the hippocampus.