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Abstract #0172

Evaluation of the Longitudinal Relaxation Rate of Blood in Neonates.

Jill Britt De Vis1, Jeroen Hendrikse1, Nikki Dieleman1, Floris Groenendaal2, Karina J. Kersbergen2, Linda S. de Vries2, Manon J.N.L. Benders2, Esben Thade Petersen1

1Radiology, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Neonatology, Wilhelmina Children's Hospital, Utrecht, Netherlands

Neonatal MR imaging has distinct properties compared to adult MR imaging. Assumptions, used to quantify perfusion in an Arterial Spin Labeling MR experiment, may not hold true. In this study the longitudinal relaxation rate of blood was measured in a large cohort of neonates. In addition, the influence on perfusion quantification was evaluated and the relation with hematocrit was investigated.