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Abstract #0252

Fat Saturation for 2D Small-Tip Fast Recovery Imaging Using Tailored 3D Spectral-Spatial Pulses

Feng Zhao1, Jon-Fredrik Nielsen1, Douglas C. Noll1

1Biomedical Engineering Department, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Small-Tip Fast Recovery imaging (STFR) is a steady state sequence that produces bSSFP-like contrast without banding artifacts. Using tip-down and tip-up pulses, this sequence is compatible with fat sat preparation. Combining with fat sat, a new RF spoiling scheme is required to maintain the steady state of the signal. A 2 ms long 3D tailored spectral-spatial fat sat pulse is designed for the 2D STFR sequence to produce fat free steady state images on a 3T scanner in the presence of B0 inhomogeneities.