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Abstract #0326

Resting-State Functional Connectivity-Based Parcellation of the Thalamus

Yang Fan1, Qihong Zou1, Jia-Hong Gao1, 2

1MRI Research Center and Beijing City Key Lab for Medical Physics, Peking University, Beijing, China; 2Brain Research Imaging Center and Department of Radiology, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States

The thalamus plays an important role in brain functions. Limitations of the previous studies on parcellation of the thalamus lie in the determination of the number of subdivisions. Here, a novel functional connectivity-based approach was obtained. Various cluster solutions have been proposed and several indices were used to evaluate these solutions. An optimal solution with relative high robustness, symmetry and well hierarchy structure was obtained. Partial correlation was used to detect cortical regions which were specifically functional connected to each subdivision from the optimal solution. Correspondences to the anatomical connectivity were revealed, which proved validity of our approach.