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Abstract #0394

Towards Ultimate SNR: Combination of a Multi-Element TX/RX Dipole Antenna Array with Nested and Meander Shaped RX Dipole Antenna at 7.0 Tesla

Celal zerdem1, Lukas Winter1, Katharina Fuchs1, Thoralf Niendorf1, 2

1Berlin Ultrahigh Field Faciliy (BUFF), Max Delbrck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC),, Berlin-Buch, Germany; 2Experimental and Clinical Research Center, a joint cooperation between the Charit Medical Faculty , Berlin, Germany

This work demonstrates use of meander formed RX dipoles to improve the receive capability of an array consisting of TX/RX bow tie dipole antennas.For this purpose numerical field simulations and phantom experiments are performed to characterize the transmit behavior of the array and to measure the SNR of the proposed array.