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Abstract #0400

CAIPIRINHA-DIXON-TWIST (CDT) Volume-Interpolated Breathhold Exam (VIBE) a New Technique for Fast Time-Resolved Dynamic Three-Dimensional Imaging of the Abdomen with High Spatial Resolution

Henrik J. Michaely1, Katrin Koziel, Philipp Riffel, Johannes Budjan1, Stefan O. Schoenberg, Ulrike I. Attenberger

1IKRN, UMM, Mannheim, BW, Germany

A new dynamic sequence is presented that combines CAIPIRINHA acceleration, Dixon fat-saturation and TWIST view sharing with a VIBE sequence. Dynamic imaging of the abdomen has been evaluated with this technique at 3T with a spatial resolution of 1.2x1.2x3mm and a temporal resolution of 2.9s/3D data set.