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Abstract #0407

Combination of a Fat Volume Fraction Quantification Method with a Dedicated Automatic Segmentation Algorithm for Simultaneous Measurement of Infiltrated Fatty Tissue Fraction and Muscle Relaxation Times.

Benjamin Leporq1, Arnaud Le Troter2, Yann Le Fur2, Emmanuelle Salort-Campana3, Patrick J. Cozzone2, Olivier Beuf4, David Bendahan2

1CREATIS; CNRS UMR 5220; INSERM U1044; INSA-Lyon; UCBL , Universit de Lyon, Villeurbanne, Rhone-Alpes, France; 2CRMBM; CNRS UMR 6612, Aix-Marseille Universit, Marseille, PACA, France; 3Reference Center for Neuromuscular Disorders, Timone Hospital, Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Marseille, Marseille, PACA, France; 4CREATIS; CNRS UMR 5220; INSERM U1044; INSA-Lyon; UCBL, Universit de Lyon, Villeurbanne, Rhone-Alpes, France

Due to its sensitivity to key processes in the diseased muscle such oedema, inflammation and fatty infiltration, MRI is emerging as a suitable quantitative method which could provide reliable surrogate markers of disease severity and progression. This work investigates the feasibility of a method to distinguish IMAT and SCAT, (ii) to measure muscle relaxation times (T1 andT2*) and to quantify the infiltrated fatty tissue fraction (IFTF) simultaneously. Our approach includes a magnitude-based fat volume fraction quantification method based on multiple-echo multiple angle acquisition with a dedicated automatic segmentation algorithm.