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Abstract #0444

Tumor Blood Flux Quantification Using Flow Enhanced MRI and Comparison with Histology

Olivier Reynaud1, Franoise Geffroy1, Luisa Ciobanu1

1NeuroSpin, Saclay, France

Quantitative microvascular blood flux maps obtained at different developmental stages of the 9L rat brain tumor model using the magnetization transfer free FENSI technique highlight distinct flux patterns and vascular properties. Late stage measurements highlight a significant decrease of CBFlux inside the gliosarcoma (-40 %, consistent with previous CBF studies) and tumor compartmentalization (p < 0.05). The hyper- and hypo-perfused tumor regions revealed with FENSI correlate linearly with regions of high and low blood vessel concentration (R2=0.4) and microvascular area (R2=0.7) revealed with immunohistochemistry.