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Abstract #0482

Quantitative Analysis of Cardiac Motion Effects on in vivo Diffusion Tensor Parameters

Hongjiang Wei1, Magalie Viallon1, 2, Benedicte M.A. Delattre1, Lihui Wang1, Vinay M. Pai3, Han Wen3, Pierre Croisille1, 4, Yuemin Zhu1

1CREATIS,, CNRS (UMR 5220), INSERM (U1044),INSA Lyon,University of Lyon,, Lyon, France; 2Department of Radiology,University Hospitals of Geneva,, Geneva, Switzerland; 3Imaging Physics Lab, BBC/NHLBI/NIH,, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, United States; 4Jean-Monnet University,, Saint-Etienne, France

Cardiac motion is a crucial problem in in vivo diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) of the human heart. Its effects of on diffusion tensor parameters of the human heart have not been well established. Recently, an efficient method was proposed that acquires cardiac diffusion weighted (DW) images at different time points of the cardiac cycle and removes motion-induced signal loss using PCA filtering and temporal MIP techniques (PCATMIP). Meanwhile, polarized light imaging (PLI) provides us the ground-truth of the heart fiber architecture, and DENSE technique offers us higher spatial resolution 3D displacement fields of the human heart. These different imaging possibilities have led us to investigate a multimodal approach to quantitatively analyze the effects of cardiac motion on diffusion tensor parameters.