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Abstract #0502

Using MRI to Track SPIO-Labeled Effector and Regulatory Immune Cells in a Cancer Model

Kimberly Brewer1, 2, Christa Davis3, Iulia Dude3, Genevieve Weir1, Olivia Stanley3, Mohan Karkada1, Marc Mansour1, Chris Bowen, 23

1Immunovaccine Inc., Halifax, NS, Canada; 2Biomedical Engineering, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada; 3Institute for Biodiagnostics (Atlantic), Halifax, NS, Canada

A growing area of interest in cancer research is the behaviour of regulatory cells such as myeloid derived suppressor cells and regulatory T cells. These cells suppress both inherent and induced immune responses (i.e. via treatments such as immunotherapies) resulting in the underperformance of many anti-cancer treatments. Our current work used MRI to investigate the migration patterns of three types of SPIO-labeled immune cells in a mouse tumor model. The objectives of this study were to demonstrate reliable homing of regulatory and effector cells to tumors and lymph nodes, and observe changes in these patterns in response to cancer immunotherapy.