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Abstract #0504

Early Prediction of Breast Cancer Therapeutic Response and Evaluation of Residual Disease Using Quantitative DCE-MRI

Alina Tudorica1, Karen Y. Oh1, Stephen Y.-C. Chui1, Nicole Roy1, Megan L. Troxell1, Yiyi Chen1, Arpana Naik1, Ariel Lopez-Chavez1, Megan L. Holtorf1, Aneela Afzal1, Mohan L. Jayatilake1, Zunqiu Chen1, Charles S. Springer, Jr. 1, Xin Li1, Wei Huang1

1Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR, United States

Eleven consecutive women with locally advanced breast cancer underwent research DCE-MRI before, after one cycle, at midpoint, and after completion of neoadjuvant chemotherapy. MRI data were analyzed using the Standard and Shutter-Speed models (SM and SSM). % changes in tumor Ktrans (SM and SSM), kep (SM and SSM), and tau_i (SSM only), as well as the absolute values of Ktrans (SSM) and kep (SM and SSM) after one cycle of therapy completely discriminated 3 responders from 8 non-responders. The tau_i value after therapy correlated significantly with residual disease burden.