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Abstract #0542

High Spatial and Temporal Resolution Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography (CE-MRA) Using Compressed Sensing with Magnitude Image Subtraction

Stanislas Rapacchi1, Fei Han1, Yutaka Natsuaki2, Randall Kroeker3, Adam Plotnik1, Evan Lehrman1, James Sayre1, Gerhard Laub, J. Paul Finn4, Peng Hu4

1Departement of Radiology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, United States; 2Cardiovascular, Siemens Healthcare, Los Angeles, CA, United States; 3Siemens Healthcare, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 4Departement of Radiology, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, United States

We propose a compressed sensing technique based on magnitude image subtraction for high spatial and temporal resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced MR angiography (CE-MRA). In a breath-held CE-MRA acquisition, the subtraction of a pre-contrast mask to a post-contrast image promotes sparsity of the difference image. This "subtraction-sparsity" has been previously reported and our proposed magnitude subtraction-based technique takes advantage of this sparsity while avoiding a number of issues with direct k-space subtraction. Full-sampled Cartesian 3D CE-MRA datasets were retrospectively under-sampled and different strategies of reconstruction were evaluated. Our technique was tested with a prospectively under-sampled CE-MRA sequence achieving an acceleration of 12.5x.