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Abstract #0664

Integrated Parallel Reception, Excitation, and Shimming (IPRES)

Hui Han1, Allen W. Song1, Trong-Kha Truong1

1Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, United States

A new general concept is proposed for integrated parallel reception, excitation, and shimming (iPRES). It uses a novel coil design allowing an RF current and a DC current to flow in the same physical coil to perform parallel excitation/reception and B0 shimming with a unified coil array. To demonstrate its feasibility, proof-of-concept phantom experiments were performed with a two-coil array. The shim field induced by individually optimized DC currents applied in both coils was able to significantly reduce nonlinear B0 inhomogeneities introduced in the phantom, demonstrating that parallel excitation/reception and B0 shimming can be performed with a unified coil system.