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Abstract #0727

Highly Accelerated Parallel Imaging Using Rotating Radiofrequency Coil Array at 7T

Mingyan Li1, Jin Jin1, Feng Liu1, Adnan Trakic1, Ewald Weber1, Stuart Crozier1

1School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering , The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

In this work, the novel 4-element rotating radiofrequency coil array (RRFCA) was numerically modelled, and its potential to accelerate imaging in different modes was investigated at 7T. Compared with lower field, its acceleration ability was strengthened owing to improved electromagnetic isolation and more distinctive sensitivity profiles. As demonstrated by calculated g-maps and reconstructed images, the RRFCA illustrated clear advantages in imaging acceleration compared with 8-element stationary phased-array coils at 7T.