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Abstract #0746

Comparative Relaxivities and Efficacies of Gadolinium-Based Commercial Contrast Agents.

Luce Vander Elst1, Jean-Sebastien Raynaud2, Veronique Vives2, Robin Santus2, Gaelle Louin2, Philippe Robert2, Marc Port2, Claire Corot3, Robert N. Muller1

1Department of General, Organic and Biomedical Chemistry, NMR and Molecular Imaging Laboratory, Mons, Belgium; 2Experimental Imaging, Guerbet, Roissy CdG Cedex, France; 3Experimental Imaging, Guerbet Research, Roissy CdG Cedex, France

In the present study, we have investigated the relaxivities of nonspecific commercial CM by their NMRD profiles and we have compared their respective efficacies in the main clinical application, brain tumors imaging. Analyzed contrast agents are Dotarem(Gadoterate meglumine), Gadovist(Gadobutrol), Prohance(Gadoteridol), Magnevist(Gadopentetate dimeglumine) and Omniscan(Gadodiamide). For in vivo application, only the main two products, in terms of published safety and/or relaxivities, were injected; Dotarem and Gadovist. In conclusion, no statistical r1 relaxivities and in vivo contrast-to-noise difference was observed.