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Abstract #0752

Direct Intracranial Stimulation and Simultaneous fMRI Using Implanted Electrodes

Stephen Jones1, Rafi Avitsian1, Pallab K. Bhattacharyya1, Juan Bulacio1, Rei Enatsu1, Jorge A. Gonzalez-Martinez1, Dileep Nair1, Imad Najm1, Michael Phillips1, Myron Zhang1

1Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, United States

We present the first study of simultaneous fMRI during direct electrical stimulation in the human brain of epilepsy patients. Spatial activation patterns and strengths in fMRI maps are compared to responses from electrical recordings from intracranial electrodes placed throughout the brain. We found significant positive correlation between strength of fMRI activation and electrical activity. Potential clinical applications include using electrically stimulated fMRI to plan for epilepsy surgery.