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Abstract #0932

Sexual Dimorphism in the Human Corpus Callosum After Controlling for Brain Size

Babak A. Ardekani1

1Center for Advanced Brain Imaging, The Nathan Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Orangeburg, NY, United States

A number of studies have reported that, "relative to brain size," the mid-sagittal corpus callosum cross-sectional area (CCA) in females is on average larger than in males. However, others suggest that these may be spurious differences created in the CCA-to-brain-size ratio because brain size tends to be larger in males. To help resolve this controversy, we measured the CCA on structural MRI scans of normal young adults (n=74, 37 males, 18-29 years), matched closely for brain size, from the OASIS (Open Access Series of Imaging Studies) cross-sectional dataset. Females had a significantly larger CCA (P<0.0005).