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Abstract #0975

A Novel Scheme for Producing Multi-Parametric Volumes

Lawrence Kenning1, Martin Lowry1, Lindsay W. Turnbull1

1Centre for MR Investigations, Hull York Medical School at University of Hull, Hull, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Treatment response can be difficult to assess in MRI data acquired with varying modalities and obliquities. We addressed this issue in multi-parametric MR data acquired from glioma patients using image registration. Data were obtained prior to therapy and again shortly after completion of radiotherapy. Anatomical and functional (DTI, DCE, DSC) images were acquired at each exam. Motion correction within series, along with inter, and intra exam registration allowed creation of single, multiparametric 4D volumes containing FLAIR T2, post-contrast T1, ADC, FA, R1, Ktrans, ve, vb, and rCBV data. These multiparametric datasets enable facile assessment of response to therapeutic interventions.