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Abstract #0984

Differentiation Between Cerebral Metastases, Meningiomas, and Primary Gliomas by Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI.

Huarui Du1, Bing Fan2, Ya Cao3, Xiaoying Wang2, 3, Jue Zhang1, 3, Jing Fang1, 3

1College of Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China; 2Peking University First Hospital, Beijing, China; 3Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Peking University, Beijing, China

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the capability of Volume Transfer Coefficient (Ktrans) and Interstitial Space Volume Fraction (ve) derived from Reference Tissue (RR) model to differentiate intraaxial brain masses such as low-grade glioma, high-grade glioma, cerebral metastases and meningiomas. The results demonstrated that Ktrans and ve derived from RR model are promising noninvasive imaging modality that could be used for distinguishing intraaxial brain masses.