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Abstract #1054

Longitudinal MR Based Study of Ipsilateral and Contralateral Hippocampus Volume and Cognitive Assesment in Traumatic Brain Injury Rats

Bhanu Prakash KN1, Sanjay K. Verma1, Sankar Seramani1, Enci Mary Kan2, Graham S. 3, C. Childs4, Jia Lu2, Sendhil S. Velan1

1Laboratory of Molecular Imaging, Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, Singapore, Singapore; 2Combat Protection and Performance Lab, Defence Medical and Environmental Research Institute, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore, Singapore; 3Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore; 4Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Longitudinal MR based ipsilateral and contralateral hippocampus volume quantification and cognitive assessment was performed in traumatic brain injury rats. Fluid percussion induced sham, mild and severe brain injury rat models were studied. ITK Snap was used for segmentation of hippocampus volume. Rotarod performance test was carried out for cognitive assessment. Amyloid precursor protein and Fluro-jade staining were done to check the protein deposition and degeneration of neurons. Study demonstrated good correlation of results obtained by MR image based analysis of hippocampal volume, histopathology and cognitive assessment. Also, rate of change and total volume of hippocampus due to neuro-degeneration and the neurogenesis, depends on the type of injury.