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Abstract #1071

Comparison of Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Magnetization Transfer Imaging in the Detection of Brain Trauma

Tsang-Wei Tu1, L. Christine Turtzo1, Jacob D. Lescher1, Dana D. Dean1, Tiziana T. Coppola1, Rashida A. Williams1, Joseph A. Frank1

1Radiology and Imaging Sciences, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD, United States

DTI and MTI have been used to detect white matter (WM) abnormalities in TBI. Considering different mechanisms of signal detections, DTI and MTI may provide useful complementary information of WM integrity. In this study, DTI axial diffusivity (AD) and MTI magnetic transfer ratio (MTR) both showed significant changes in WM of a close head TBI. However, MTR demonstrated increased sensitivity when detecting the lesion. While AD has been suggested to reflect axonal integrity, it is proposed that MTR correlates with the temporary increase of membrane permeability, of both axon and myelin, and blood-brain barrier when reflecting WM injury in TBI.