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Abstract #1223

The Diagnostic Value of 3D-FLAIR MRI After Intratympanic Administration of Gd-DTPA in Meniere's Disease

Honglu Shi1, Guangbin Wang1, Daogong Zhang1, Weibo Chen2, Queenie Chan3

1Shandong Medical Imaging Research Institute, Jinan, Shandong, China; 2Philips Healthcare, Shanghai, China; 3Philips Healthcare, Hong Kong, China

According to absence of radiographic evidence for Meniere's disease diagnosis, we attempted to evaluate endolymphatic visualization in our research. 24 hours after intratympanic gadolinium administration through the tympanic membrane, 32 patients with unilateral Meniere's disease diagnosed clinically underwent 3D-FLAIR and 3D-Balance-FFE MRI. Two radiologists independently compared the enhanced perilymphatic space of bilateral cochlea and vestibular on 3D-FLAIR imaging. Statistically, the score of scala vestibuli, the enhanced range and the signal intensity of vestibule for the affected side were significantly lower than the healthy side. In conclusion, 3D-FLAIR MRI after intratympanic gadolinium administration can show the border between perilymph and endolymph and confirm endolymphatic hydrops.