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Abstract #1290

Non-Contrast-Enhanced MR Angiography of Adrenal Veins as a Preprocedural Examination of Adrenal Vein Sampling.

Masaaki Akahane1, Yasushi Watanabe1, Naoyuki Takei2, Kuni Ohtomo1

1Radiology, University of Tokyo Hospital, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan; 2Global Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Hino-shi, Tokyo, Japan

The purpose of this study was to assess feasibility and diagnostic performance of non-contrast-enhanced MR angiography of adrenal veins using respiratory-triggered axial 3D balanced SSFP sequence with frequency-selective fat-saturation pulse. 34 patients who were planned to undergo adrenal vein sampling were included in this study. Catheter venography and cone-beam CT during venography were used as gold standard for the evaluation. Right adrenal veins were visualized in 27 of 34 patients, and left adrenal veins were visualized in 32 of 34 patients. Non-contrast-enhanced MR angiography was feasible for preprocedural of adrenal vein sampling.