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Abstract #1296

Coronary MR Angiography at 7.0 Tesla Using 3D Fat-Water Separated Imaging and a 8 Channel Array of Bowtie Dipole Transceivers: a Feasibility Study

Fabian Hezel1, Peter Kellman2, Katharina Fuchs1, Lukas Winter1, Oliver Kraus1, Thoralf Niendorf1, 3

1Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility (B.U.F.F.), Max-Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin, Germany; 2Medical Imaging Section, National Institutes of Health / NHLBI, Bethesda, MD, United States; 3Experimental and Clinical Research Center, A joint cooperation between the Charit Medical Faculty and the Max-Delbrueck Center for Molecular, Berlin, Germany

This work demonstrates coronary MR angiography at ultrahigh fields. Fat suppression is achieved through fat-water separation through an Multi-echo-Dixon approach.