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Abstract #1359

Metabolite-Cycled, ECG-Triggered and Navigator-Gated 1H MRS with Optimised Image-Based B0 Shimming Achieves High Spectral Quality in the Myocardium at 3T

Donnie Cameron1, Ariane Fillmer2, Andreas Hock2, Thomas W. Redpath3, Michael P. Frenneaux3, Dana Dawson1, Anke Henning2, 4

1University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom; 2Institute for Biomedical Engineering, University and ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland; 3The University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, United Kingdom; 4Max Planck Institute of Biological Cybernetics, Tbingen, Germany

Cardiac 1H MRS can be used assess myocardial lipid content and to investigate pathophysiologies, but spectral quality is severely limited by cardiac and respiratory motion, as well as static field inhomogeneities, which are especially challenging at higher field strengths. In this work, ECG-triggering, navigator-gating, frequency alignment and phase correction are combined, for the first time, with a metabolite-cycled 1H cardiac MRS method and an improved Localised B0 Shimming Tool to produce superlative motion compensation at 3T. Resulting spectra, acquired in 5 volunteers, show superior quality to others reported at this field strength (e.g. CH2 lipid SNR=28, FWHM=25, CRLB=1.8%).