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Abstract #1374

Differences in Blood T1-Value Between Right and Left Ventricles on 4-Chamber View Contrast-Enhanced Look-Locker CMR

Yasuo Amano1, Masaki Tachi1, Yoshio Matsumura1, Tetsuro Sekine1

1Nippon Medical School, Tokyo, Japan

Myocardial and blood T1 values measured using Look-Locker CMR reflect myocardial fibrosis. However, the location of measuring the blood T1 value has not been confirmed because of concern about flow artifact, gadolinium distribution, or cardiac motion. We evaluated difference in the blood T1 value between the right and left ventricles (RV and LV) on 4-chamber contrast-enhanced Look-Locker CMR and assessed its relation with cardiac function. The 4-chamber Look-Locker CMR allows for the blood T1 value measurement after contrast both in the LV and RV, and the T1 value is not affected by valvular dysfunction, ejection fraction, and heart rate.