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Abstract #1414

Fully Automatic Calibration of Trigger Delay Time for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Yu-Sheng Tseng1, Teng-Yi Huang1, Yu-Wei Tang2, Yi-Ru Lin3

1EE, NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan; 2EE, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan; 3EC, NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan

This study aimed to automatically identify the cardiac rest period using a rapid free-breathing (FB) calibration scanning procedure, and to determine the optimal trigger delay for cardiac imaging. The possibility of using a low-resolution FB method to rapidly acquire cine images was also evaluated. The real-time trigger delay calibration system was then used to perform T1-weighted short-axis imaging at the end of the cardiac systolic period. Combined with rapid FB calibration scanning, the real-time feedback system accurately adjusted the trigger delay for T1-weighted short-axis imaging.