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Abstract #1426

Fat-Saturated T2preparation Module Using Composite RF Pulses for 3 Tesla

Pan-ki Kim1, David C. Wendell2, Eun-Ah Park3, Whal Lee3, Hyeonjin Kim1, Wolfgang G. Rehwald2, 4

1Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea; 2Duke University, Durham, NC, United States; 3Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea; 4Siemens Healthcare Cardiac MR R&D, Chicago, IL, United States

A recently developed T2-preparation module for cardiac imaging at high field is insensitive to B0 and B1 inhomogeneity, cardiac motion and flow. Obtained T2 weighted images exhibit bright fat signal that can obscure the signal of myocardium and other muscles. Therefore, a chemical selective saturation (CHESS) is usually applied for fat suppression after the T2-preparation, e.g. in coronary artery MRI. Its quality is often poor and it is unsuited for longer readout durations. In this study, we propose a new fat suppressed T2-preparation module for 3T using binomial composite RF pulses as 90 &[deg] pulses to more efficiently suppress fat, maintaining robustness towards inhomogeneity, cardiac motion, and flow.