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Abstract #1477

Laser Absorption and Photon Efficiency of a Spin Exchange Optical Pumping 129Xe Polariser

Graham Norquay1, Steven Parnell2, Jim M. Wild1

1University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 2University of Indiana, Indiana, Bloomington, United States

In this study, the laser absorption and photon efficiency of a 129Xe spin exchange optical pumping polariser were evaluated. It was observed that photon absorption rate decreases linearly with increasing gas flow rate through the cell. An experimental photon efficiency of 0.046 was measured for gas flowing at a rate of 650 sccm, meaning that ~ 20 photons are required to induce each 129Xe spin flip. This indicates that it is possible on this system to produce 120 cm3 of 100% polarised 129Xe per hour at STP, which is a rate for large-volume production of HP 129Xe gas.