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Abstract #1529

Timing of the Interstitial Post-Gadolinium Phase for T1 Imaging of Focal Liver Lesions: What Is the Incremental Benefit of 3 and 5 Minute Phases Over 2 Minutes?

Zachary J. Peters1, Errol Colak1, Ram Jeyaratnam1, Paraskevi A. Vlachou1, Shalini Anthwal1, Anish Kirpalani1

1Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada

Little data is available regarding the optimal timing and number of delayed (interstitial) phase post-gadolinium routine liver MRI, compared with hepatic arterial and venous phases. The contrast-enhanced liver MRIs of 72 patients with 145 focal liver lesions (FLLs) were reviewed and analyzed to evaluate the change in categorization and diagnostic confidence of FLLs imaged with post-gadolinium T1-weighted MRI at 3- and 5-minute interstitial phases, compared with a 2-minute interstitial phase. We found that 3- and 5-minute post-gadolinium sequences do not add significant information in FLL evaluation and that unenhanced liver MRI is often diagnostic in patients who cannot receive gadolinium.