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Abstract #1542

Clinical Feasibility Study for Renal Perfusion Imaging Using Pseudo Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling at 3.0T

Yasuhiro Fujiwara1, Hirohiko Kimura2, Nobuyuki Kosaka2, Tsuyoshi Matsuda3, Takuya Yachida4, Toshiki Adachi4

1University of Fukui Hospital, Fukui, Japan; 2Radiology, University of Fukui, Fukui, Japan; 3 Applied Science Laboratory Asia Pacific , GE Healthcare Japan Corporation, Tokyo, Japan; 4Radiological Center, University of Fukui Hospital, Fukui, Japan

The purpose of this study was to present the implementation of the pCASL technique in vivo RBF measurement and to evaluate the clinical feasibility with diagnostic image quality of ASL perfusion imaging of the kidney at 3.0T in the clinical setting.