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Abstract #1588

MRI-Visible Mesh Implants in Patients, Assessment of Time-Dependent Configuration Changes.

Alexander Ciritsis1, Nienke Lynn Hansen1, Alexandra Barabasch1, Nicolas Kuehnert2, Jens Otto3, Joachim Conze3, Christiane Kuhl1, Nils Andreas Kraemer1

1Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, RWTH University Hospital, Aachen, NRW, Germany; 2Surgery, RWTH University Hospital , Aachen, NRW, Germany; 3Surgery, RWTH University Hospital, Aachen, NRW, Germany

Using iron-loaded visible mesh implants, 13 patients were examined one day after surgery using gradient echo sequences at 1.5 Tesla. Up to now (November 2012), two patients were additionally scanned after 90 days and meshes were digitally reconstructed. Time-dependent mesh deformation and shrinkage was assessed. The preliminary results (2/13 patients) indicate that the concept of scar-induced mesh shrinkage might have to be reconsidered. The remaining 11 patients are scheduled up to January 2013.