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Abstract #1610

Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging (UTE) of the Extensor and Flexor Tendons in Bovine Legs

Dietmar Cordes1, 2, Anthony C. Lanctot2, Thomas G. Perkins3, Mark S. Brown2, Gary D. Fullerton2

1Physics, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2Radiology, University of Colorado, Aurora, CO, United States; 3Philips Healthcare, Cleveland, OH, United States

In this study, extensor and flexor tendons in bovine legs are quantitatively studied using ultrashort echo time imaging (UTE). A 2-compartment model was applied and the T2* values and water fraction determined for the bound water and free water components. Extensor and flexor tendons showed very different T2* properties, due to age and different mechanical properties of both tendon types.