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Abstract #1617

Cervical Spine DWI Using Reduced-FOV Multi-Shot EPI with 2D Phase Cycling Reconstruction

He Wang1, Chao Ma2, Nan-Kuei Chen3, Jianping Lu2, Allen Song4, Guang Cao

1MR Research China, GE Healthcare, Shanghai, China; 2Department of Radiology, Changhai Hospital, Shanghai, China; 3Duke University, Durhem, NC, United States; 4Duke University Medical Center, Durhem, NC, United States

Single-shot echo-planar imaging is not widely used for DWI of the cervical spine, because of the magnetic field inhomogeneities around the spine and the increased motion in that area due to breathing and swallowing. To solve this problem, in this study, we combined the reduced FOV and 2D phase cycling Multi-shot methods together to improve the DW image quality. Results show that image quality is best in this combined new acquisition except the slightly low SNR which can be compensated by extending the scan time.