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Abstract #1654

Comparison of T1rho/T2 Imaging at 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla in Knee Cartilage of Healthy Volunteers

Cory Wyatt1, Xiaojuan Li1, Roland Krug1, Douglas A.C. Kelley2, Sharmila Majumdar1

1Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, United States; 2GE Healthcare Technologies, San Francisco, CA, United States

T1rho and T2 relaxation times have been used as markers for matrix changes in articular cartilage and elevated T1rho/T2 values have been associated with the proteoglycan loss in osteoarthritis. While these mechanisms have been studied extensively at 3 Tesla, very few studies have been done at 7 Tesla, particularly for T1rho. In this work, T1rho and T2 values were measured in 10 healthy individuals at 3T and 7T human MRI scanners. Results show a significant decrease in T1rho and T2 values at 7T compared to 3T, which is expected according to theory. The SNR was also increased at 7T.