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Abstract #1686

Forensic Age Estimation of Living Adolescents Using MRI of Wisdom Teeth, Wrist and Clavicles

Eva Scheurer1, 2, Thomas Widek1, Pia Baumann1, 2, Andreas Petrovic1, Heiko Merkens1, Sabine Grassegger1

1Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical-Forensic Imaging, Graz, Austria; 2Medical University Graz, Graz, Austria

The need for forensic age estimations currently relying on X-rays of the jaw and the wrist, and a CT of the clavicles increased with migration. However, the use of ionizing radiation without medical indication is mostly not permitted. In this study wisdom teeth, wrist and clavicles were investigated using MRI, and estimated age was compared to chronological age. Estimated age was quite accurate with reasonable variability until about 19 years, whereas older subjects were rather underestimated. Performing age estimations based on MRI of three body regions is realistic in the next years, when according reference values will be available.