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Abstract #1702

A Novel Technique for Correlating Between in vivo and Ex Vivo Whole Body Mammary Glands: Comparison of Apparent Coefficient Values

Xiaobing Fan1, Kay Macleod1, Suzanne Conzen1, Erica Markiewicz1, Marta Zamora1, James Vosicky1, Devkumar Mustafi1, Gregory S. Karczmar1

1University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, United States

Correlation of in-vivo with ex-vivo whole body MRI of mouse mammary glands is reported. High resolution T2-weighted spin echo images and diffusion weighted images of the polyoma middle T oncoprotein mouse model were acquired in-vivo and ex-vivo at 9.4T. Fiducial markers were used to correlate features on in-vivo and ex-vivo images. The results demonstrate parallels between in-vivo and ex-vivo ADCs; this suggests that ex-vivo images can serve as a guide to improve diffusion weighted imaging. In addition, the registration method shown here will ultimately be used to co-register in-vivo images with histology, using ex-vivo images as a bridge.