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Abstract #1766

14 Tesla MR Imaging of Mice Cholangiocarcinoma Response to Radiofrequency Heating (RFH)-Enhanced Chemotherapy: Towards Intrabiliary RFH-Enhanced Chemotherapy for Pancreatobiliary Cancers

Feng Zhang1, Thomas Le1, Xia Wu1, Tong Zhang1, Han Wang1, Stephanie Soriano1, Donghoon Lee1, Xiaoming Yang1

1Radiology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

This study validated the feasibility of using 14 Tesla MRI to monitor mice cholangiocarcinoma response to radiofrequency heating(RFH)-enhance chemotherapy. Apparent diffusion coefficient(ADC) is a very useful biomarker for predicting the response of cholangiocarcinoma to RFH-enhanced chemotheray, which was confirmed by subsequent MRI-histology correlation. This new technique may open new revenues for MRI monitored intrabiliary RFH-enhanced chemotherapy for pancreatobiliary malignancies.