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Abstract #1781

Preliminary Experience of Diffusion Kurtosis Imaging for the Prostatic Gland

Chiharu Tamura1, Hiroshi Shinmoto1, Shigeyoshi Soga1, Teppei Okamura1, Sadahiro Watanabe1, Tatsumi Kaji1, Tomoyuki Okuaki2, Makoto Obara2, Yuxi Pang3, Hiroki Sato4

1Department of Radiology, National Defense Medical College, Saitama, Japan; 2Philips Electronics Japan, Tokyo, Japan; 3Philips Healthcare, Cleveland, OH, United States; 4Department of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, National Defense Medical College, Saitama, Japan

We have clarified the differences in parameters among prostate cancer (PC), benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and benign peripheral zone (PZ) using diffusion kurtosis imaging (DKI). Seventeen patients who were histologically proven to have PC and had undergone total prostatectomy after DKI-MRI were investigated. Although it was difficult to distinguish between PC and BPH, especially BPH-low, the parameter K obtained from DKI was significantly higher in PC than in benign PZ, BPH-mix, and BPH-high and trended toward being higher in PC than in BPH-low. DKI may contribute to the diagnosis of PC, especially in the differential diagnosis of PC and BPH.