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Abstract #1982

Combination of a Sodium Birdcage Coil with a Tunable Patch Antenna for B0 Shimming and Anatomical Localization at 9.4 T

Christian C. Mirkes1, 2, Jens Hoffmann1, Gunamony Shajan1, Rolf Pohmann1, Klaus Scheffler1, 2

1High-Field MR Center, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tbingen, Germany; 2Department for Biomedical Magnetic Resonance, University of Tbingen, Tbingen, Germany

X-nucleus spectroscopy and imaging normally rely on proton imaging for anatomical localization and B0 shimming. A convenient way to perform these tasks, without having to make any changes to the X-nucleus coil, is presented here by the usage of the travelling wave concept and a two-channel proton patch antenna.