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Abstract #2070

Localized Double-Pulsed-Field-Gradient MRS of CNS Metabolites

Noam Shemesh1, Jean-Nicolas Dumez1, Lucio Frydman1

1Department of Chemical Physics, Faculty of Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Angular double-Pulsed-Field-Gradient (d-PFG) MR is gaining increasing attention due to its ability to depict microstructural parameters such as microscopic anisotropy (A) and compartment shape anisotropy (csA) in macroscopically disordered systems such as gray matter (GM). Here, we developed localized d-PFG MRS in the aim of extending the methodology towards CNS metabolites. Both A and csA were detected for the first time in GM of pig spinal cords for Lac, NAA, Cre and Cho. As some metabolites are considered compartment-specific, we expect this methodology to reveal insights into the interplay between microstructure, function and metabolism.