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Abstract #2073

Increasing the Sensitivity of Temporal Diffusion Spectroscopy with Circularly Polarized Oscillating Gradient Spin Echo

Henrik Lundell1, Casper Kaae Snderby1, Tim B. Dyrby1

1DRCMR, Copenhagen University Hospital Hvidovre, Hvidovre, Denmark

We introduce circularly polarized OGSE (CP-OGSE) as a way to increase diffusion weighting and thus the contrast in high frequency OGSE for the study of tissue microstructure. We show in simulations and experiments on perfusion fixed monkey brain tissue that multi-planar CP-OGSE improves data quality substantially and renders the same rotationally invariant diffusion tensor metrics as the conventional OGSE. CP-OGSE can be a significant contribution for making OGSE and temporal diffusion spectroscopy possible with higher frequencies and makes the technique realizable for studies of the human brain in vivo on clinical systems with moderate gradient strengths.