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Abstract #2132

Whole-Brain Neighbourhood Tractography

Kiran K. Seunarine1, Jonathan D. Clayden2, Christopher A. Clark2

1Imaging and Biophysics Unit, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, United Kingdom; 2Imaging and Biophysics Unit, University College London, London, United Kingdom

Tractography allows the probing of brain connectivity. Limitations of the standard approaches are that they can be time consuming, require good anatomical knowledge and can be prone to false-positives. Neighbourhood tractography (NT) overcomes these limitations by using a priori information about the expected path of the tract through the brain. This work introduces a whole-brain extension to the NT algorithm to overcome some of the limitations of the method. We demonstrate the approach by segmenting four white-matter tracts. The segmentations show clear differences over single-seed NT, including fewer false-positives and a greater extent to the segmentation.