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Abstract #2166

Robust T2 Measurements for Multi-TI Arterial Spin Labeling

Johanna Kramme1, Matthias Gnther1, 2

1Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen, Germany, Germany; 2Faculty of Physics and Electronics, University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany, Germany

Precise arterial spin labeling T2 measurements are challenging because they are influenced by many factors like the choice of crusher gradients, the refocusing flip angle, and the number of fitted echoes. When extended to multi-TI T2 measurements, SNR at longer inflow times can be critical, especially if scan time limits the number of image averages. Here, a robust and reliable multi-TI T2 acquisition and fitting routine is presented that is fast enough to be implemented in clinical routine to determine T2 values for every individual patient. The T2 values could then be incorporate in two compartment models for permeability quantification.