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Abstract #2210

A Threshold Method to Exclude Unreliable Tracer Kinetic Model Parameters Measured from DCE MRI in Breast Cancer

Dennis Lai Hong Cheong1, Bo Zhang1, Soo Chin Lee2, Thian C. Ng1, 3

1Clinical Imaging Research Center, SBIC/A*STAR & National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore; 2Department of Haematology-Oncology, National University Health System, Singapore, Singapore; 3Department of Diagnostic Radiology, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

Model based tracer kinetic analysis of DCE MRI relies on some curve fitting process. The reliability of voxel level measured parameter depends on two main criteria: sufficient contrast to noise ratio (CNR) and successful curve fitting. We present a method to filter out unreliable voxels with low CNR and poor quality of fit based on fraction of modeling information (FMI). We found that CNR and FMI are useful measures for rejecting voxels with unreliable parameter values that were either due to a low CNR or a poor curve fitting. This is a part of our DCE-MRI project on breast tumors.