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Abstract #2236

Resting State Neural Network Demonstrated with Cerebral Blood Volume Based fMRI Using the USPIO Agent Ferumoxytol in Humans

Deqiang Qiu1, Greg Zaharchuk1, Thomas Christen1, Wendy W. Ni1, Gary H. Glover1, Michael E. Moseley1

1Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

In this paper, we present the first study demonstrating the synchronously spontaneous fluctuations of cerebral blood volume (CBV) in humans by using ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron particle (USPIO) for fMRI (termed ICE-BVI). Consistent with previous methods utilizing BOLD and CBF, CBV demonstrates spontaneous fluctuations that are synchronized within putative resting state neural networks. ICE-BVI provides a new means for studying the mechanisms of spontaneous fluctuations, and may improve the sensitivity of detection of resting state neural networks.